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Welcome to Nursery

This is Nursery's class page. On here you will find lots of important information all about our nursery.

Please feel free to look at the photographs and videos we have taken of your children.

The grown ups working in nursery this year are:

Mrs Rawson- Class teacher

Mrs Lawson- Teaching assistant

Miss Backhouse- Teaching assistant

Miss Connelly- EYFS lead

Picture 1 Mrs Rawson - Class teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Lawson- Teaching assistant
Picture 3 Miss Backhouse- teaching assistant
Picture 4 Miss Connelly- EYFS lead

Things to remember:

Monday-       Homework/book swap

                           Afternoon Forest school (own clothes)

Wednesday- Talk 4 baking

                     Rhyme time

Thursday-     Morning Forest school (own clothes)

Friday-          Floor books



Understand what's behind your child's play and help them learn by observing patterns of behaviour or "schemas".

Visit www.bbc.uk/cbeebies/grownups/schemas

for more information.


This half term our talk 4 baking activity is making pizzas.

Talk 4 baking is based on talk 4 writing. It is strong and powerful because it is based on the principles of how children learn.

It enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic. During our talk 4 baking activity children put actions to words and this enables the children to actively remember the words in the sequence.   

Talk 4 baking

Talk 4 baking 1
Talk 4 baking 2
Talk 4 baking 3
Talk 4 baking 4
Talk 4 baking 5
Talk 4 baking 6
Talk 4 baking 7
Talk 4 baking 8
Talk 4 baking 9
Talk 4 baking 10
Talk 4 baking 11
Talk 4 baking 12
Talk 4 baking 13