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Head Teacher's Awards

Week commencing 6th July 2020

Y1 Lacie for labelling a seaside town- geography
R - for super phonics & writing
R Jude for super phonics & writing
Y1 - Wade for beautiful maths presentation
Y1 - for super singing & dancing
R - for sharing his scarecrow adventure

Week commencing 29th June 2020

Y3 Harry for a super poem about explorers rucksack
Y2 Atticus for a super fact file about Ghandi
Y5 Rhian for great TT Rockstars & Mathletics work
Y4 Sharna for super work describing The Mirror
R Aiden for remembering how to stay safe in forest
Y2 - for designing a tricky maths problem
Y3 - for super Respect Homework
Y5 Ruby P for her Rainbow College advert
Y5 Thomas for a detailed plan of his advert
Y4 Lyla for super spellings
Y1 - for super reading of a poem
R - for beautiful manners
Y2 - Abigail for a fantastic fact file
Y3 - for super reading
Y5 Freyja for fab Chinese Dragon Boat presentation
Y4 Max for identifying acute & obtuse angles
R - for excellent teen number recognition
Y1 Abbiegail sor super colour by numbers
Y2 Jack for project about seafaring family history
Y2 Henry for lovely COVID-19 poem
Y3 Elliott for designing & making marble run game
Y3 Heidi for a lovely list of delicate things
Y5 Isla for a great explanation of helter skelter
Y4 Amy for planning an interesting story

Week commencing 22nd June

R- Elizabeth for resilience in coin recognition
R- for super colour monster drawing
Y1- Libby for super work on explorers
Y1- Elliot for a fantastic octopus
Y3- Blake for trying hard with column addition
Y3- Emily for super science crystals
Y2 Eliza for effective use of simile
Y2 - for beautiful fish collage
Y6 - for super space travel timeline
Y6 - Sammie for great model of a satellite
Y5 - for completing tasks & sports challenges
Y5- Rafe for super wizard characters
Y4- Cameron for good reading comprehension
Y4 - Aleyna for good reading comprehension
R - for hard work on spellings
R - Jude for fantastic phonics practise
Y3- Bethan for her super plant cycle diagram
Y3 Archer for great job writing & presenting
Y3 Lizzie for beautiful reading
Y5 Lexi for write up of science dissolving work
Y5- for super story & reading
Y6 Daisy for her creative Kahoot quiz
Y6 for her radio advert & working hard
Y2 - Abigail for year 3 maths work!
Y2 - for super reading
Y4 Thomas for making a fab skeleton
Y4 Cameron for brilliant answers in English
Y1 Isaac for dancing with coco masks
Y4 Lyla for trying hard with maths problem solving
Y4 Riley- fantastic sports challenges & write up
Y5 Isla for creating fab rain forest iPad picture
Y5 Lexi for fantastic sports challenges & write up
R - for excellent job in phonics game
R - for amazing job helping with gardening
R - lots of physical activities for sports week
Y2 - foe fantastic Respect homework
Y3 Elliott for super work on staying safe
Y3 - For super rainforest poster
Y2 - Nathan for building a great pond
Y6 - fantastic space flight timeline
Y6 Christian for work on area of a parallelogram

Week commencing 15th June

Y3 - for a fantastic book review
Y6 - Molly W for great Prime Ministers questions
Y2 - Faith for suer maths time work
Y1 - for learning the French alphabet
Y5 - Henry for great writing
Y4 - George M for fantastic fractions
Y4 - Charlie M for good writing in English
Y4 - Cameron for excellent persuasive writing
Y3 - Elliott for his David de Gea timeline
Y6 - Lewis for his design for Manchester currency
Y5 - Isla for good maths translation
Y4 - for times table practise
Y4 - Riley for good effort in tricky English
Y2 - Cameron for maths challenge problems
Y1 - for his response to reading challenge
R - for hard work on 3D maths shapes
R - Chloe for talk for writing hard work
R - for fantastic reading
Y3 - Heidi for beautifully presented instructions
Y5 - Jack for hard work practising hand writing
Y2 - For great reading
Y6 - Brooke for fantastic transition work
Y6 - Daisy for fantastic values work - respect
Y4 - Ava W for being a perimeter expert!

Week commencing 8th June 2020

Y1 - Isaac for identifying characters in the story
Y4 - For making a fantastic time capsule
Y2 - for great reading
Y5 -Lexi for a great science experiment & write up
Y6 - for trying hard with Spanish
R - Oliver for great mini beast flash cards
Y3 - for composing music inspired by Elgar
Y3 - for a super drawing of outdoors & description
Y5-Freyja for a super poster about bioluminescence
Y6 - Trudi for 'Hepa Zoma'
Y4 Lyla for magnificent maths & spelling
Y2 - for retelling The Disgusting Sandwich
Y2 - Eliza for amazing writing
R - Leo for fantastic artwork
Y2 - Jack for fantastic instructions
Y5 - Thomas for persevering with tricky maths
Y6-Sophie for persuasive writing on mobile phones
Y3 - Emily for her great chick rearing skills
Y1 - Lacie for responding to feedback
Y4 - for a fantastic video advert for alien planet
Y4 - Isabella for an interesting ocean fact file
Y1 -for responding to questions about pirate story
R - Zachary for excellent sorting of foods
Y6 - Daisy for excellent pie chart maths work
Y3-Archer for super diagram of different sea level
Y6 - Isabella for super Alps brochure
Y5 - for super reading
Y4 - Aleyna for magnificent maths
Y3 - Bella for super riddle
Y2 - Henry for super spelling
R - for super maths work
Y3 - Heidi for super jungle explorer's log
Y4 - Amy for excellent maths work
Y2 -  for super reading of his own story
Y2 - for lovely reading
Y5 - Evie for good English vocab work

Week commencing 18th May

Y5 Callum - for hard work creating a coins website
Y6 Sammie for making a great Henry VIII fact file
Y2 Abigail - for en excellent police report
Y4 Max for super Henri Rousseau inspired painting
Y3 Bethan for making fact file on imaginary animal
Y1 - for impressive improvement in his reading
R - for working hard on pen control
Y2 - Isaac for fantastic writing
Y3 - for being an enthusiastic home learner
Y5 Tane - for mathe & geography work
Y6 Isabella - for hard work on Henry VIII's wives
Y4 Cameron - for excellent effort & attitude
Y2 Faith - for working hard on maths
R Elizabeth -for a wonderful 3 little pigs oicture
R Lucas - for a fantastic dino story garden
Y3 Katie-for persevering and writing a super story
Y5 Yaqoub - for working hard & extra spellings
Y1 Coby - for fantastic effort with reading
Y6 Iona - for a great poem video
R - For great retelling of 3 Little Pigs story
Y6 - Lewis for good rain forest work
Y6-Molly & Brooke for their great Sound powerpoint
Y2- Charlotte for great money work
Y2 - for great experimental work
Y1 - Oliver for amazing information text
Y1 - Lacie for fantastic spelling
Y4 - Riley for great advice to stay safe online
Y4-Evie for magnificent maths challenging herself
Y4 -Amy for excellent English work & vocabulary
Y3 - Emily for creating a beautiful mini pond
Y3- Elliott for fantastic independent research

Week commencing 11th May 2020

Y5 - for super green cross code work & reading
Y4 Dexter for fantastic art work
R - for super handwriting
Y3 -For signing 'We'll Meet Again' & great writing
Y1 Agatha for excellent writing about a spider
Y6 - Elijah for super Silly SATs work
Y3 - Lyla for making beautiful bookmarks
Y5-Isla - hard work on Florence Nightingale ppt
Y2 - for fantastic reading
Y4 Isabella for beautifully presented English work
Y1 Coby for fantastic effort with his maths
Y6 Isabella for great Florence Nightingale ppt
Y2 - for writing a super letter
Y5 - Jack for super description in English work
Y6 - for super art work
R - for working independently on maths
R - Ella Rose for super halving work
Y4 - for working hard on maths & reading
Y1 - for super maths work
R - Jude for beautiful labelled minibeast picture
Y4 Sharna - for super maths work
Y1 Oliver - for super dragon adjectives
Y5 Marcelina - for a brilliant collage
Y5 Molly - for hard work on maths problem solving
Y3 Heidi - for 2 great stories
Y3 Archer - for fantastic 3D mammoth mask
Y2 Charlotte - for a super story
Y2 - for great maths work
R Chloe - for great minibeast picture with labels
Y6 Molly - for a great toothbrush galaxy artwork
Y6 - for a great shell garden project
Y4 - for oracy, discussing historical theories
Y1 Libby - for super fraction work

Week commencing 4th May 2020

Y4-for confident performance of his Fairness Song
Y6 - Isabella for excellent mental maths
Y3-Archer-putting his spellings in great sentences
Y1 - for excellent effort in hot & cold activity
Y5 - Ruby P for lots of great work
Y4 - Euler for excellent maths work
Y3 - For super actions to remember science vocab
Y6 - Christian for super geometry
Y5 - For lots of great work & completing fixes
R - Oliver for a creative & tasty Union Jack!
R - Zachary for super phonics work
Y1 - Oliver for super effort
Y2 - Isabelle for super maths work
Y5-Lexi for hard work on a presentation about WWII
Y3- for using prepositiional  language & cutting
Y6 - Zuzanna for making a great clay medal
Y4 - Riley for an excellent job with his maths
Y6 Daisy for a fantastic writing about Churchill
Y1 - for fantastic effort on Reading Eggs
Y4 - for great reading and online activities
Y4 - for a super science experiment

Week commencing 27th April 2020

Year 1
Y2 - not even a hospital visit stops home learning
Y2 - Cameron for making a very impressive boat
Reception - for number ordering
Y1 - Poppy for an amazing story
Y4 - Amy for a super job in English
Y4 - Blake for hard work on spellings & writing
Y4 - Aleyna for writing her own version of Charlie
Y4 - Cameron for super job with maths
Y5 - Marcelina for super play script
Y3 - Lilly-Rose for counting independently
Y6 - Brooke for drawing & labelling a great map
Reception - for working hard on her handwriting
Y3 - for beautiful art & kindness
Y5 -Kaiden for working hard
Y4-Ava -working hard & persevering with spellings
Y2 - Eliza for great English comprehension work
Y6 - Iona for beautiful artwork
Y4 - for beautiful fluent reading
Y1 - for super hard work on Reading Eggs
Y3 - for learning a new skill - sign language
Y6 - Charley for working hard at maths
R - for sticking at his letter writing & hard work
Y6 - for hard work
Y3 - Katie for a fantastic information text
Y1 - Eryn-working hard with common exception words
Y4-Freddie- fantastic enthusiasm on TT Rockstars
Y5- for writing a fantastic story & reading it out
R - Arlo for super letter writing
Y3 - for amazing reading with expression
Y6 - Sammie for brilliant artwork
Y4 - Phoebe P for great maths work
Y4-Lyla- perseverance multiplying 2 digit numbers