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Young Quills

Before all this chaos started, some children were selected to take part in the Historical Association's 'Young Quills' competition in which young people read and review new historical fiction.  The children chose and started reading their books and then we went into lockdown.  I can now provide the information needed for the children to complete this challenge at home.  I don't have a list of who has which book at home so I have provided a list of the books (under 9 category), some guidance on how to write the review and a link to some of the shortlisted entries from last year so that you can see what a good one looks like.  If you finished reading your book before lockdown, just use your memory as best as you can to write your review.  The rest of you took your books home to finish reading them so can use them to help write your review.  


There is no set format for the review and it can be handwritten (in neat clear handwriting) or typed.  Please send your entries (as a scan/word doc/PDF) to me by e-mail by 8th July at the very latest so that I can submit them.  The best entries will then be shortlisted for the judges, who will choose a winning review to be published!  If you have any questions, just let me know.  


I can't wait to read your entries!