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Tour of Tameside: The Running Bee Foundation 7 mile challenge

The Tour of Tameside is a festival of running which takes in the best sights and sounds that Tameside has to offer, this year it is still going ahead but it will now be a virtual tour.

Put on your running shoes and guide Mo the Bee around the map of Tameside to the finish line. After every mile you complete, whether you chose to run, walk 2500 steps or jog for 20 minutes for each, move your Mo the Bee to the next location, until you reach the 7th stage! When you have completed your own Tour of Tameside with Mo the Bee, you’ll receive a certificate.


This challenge can be done at home, or in the local area as part of your daily exercise. Share your progress with the Running Bee Foundation, and send pictures or videos on how you are completing your miles to: info@runningbeefoundation.co.uk. You could also find them on social media and tag them, and Millbrook, in!