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ICT Vision

At Millbrook we aim to continue to foster a culture of using ICT to support children in becoming confident and successful learners. To achieve this we have in place appropriate ICT to allow all learners, children and staff, to make considered choices with regard to using a range of devices to advance their learning, attainment and achievement.

Millbrook aims to provide access to high quality learning resources within a safe environment, preventing access to unsuitable material or inappropriate use of systems. Innovative approaches to learning will continue to be encouraged and learners, teachers and children, will enjoy using ICT. A culture of continuous development of everyone's ICT skills will be supported by sharing resources and skills within school and with support from Local Authority consultants. The ethos of learning will be inclusive and will enable parents to engage with their child's learning, beyond the school-day.

ICT for management

At Millbrook we use ICT to monitor and analyse information about attainment and achievement in order to inform future teaching and learning, to support communication with parents and to minimise the use of paper when sharing information between staff.


LB 10/12/09