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Lunchtime Awards


Congratulations to the following who have been earned Midday Awards:


04/04/22Roseanna SLovely manners
05/04/22Connor DAlways polite
06/04/22Evelyn SLovely manners
07/04/22Carly-Sue WGLovely manners


14.03.22Year 1Elizabeth Blovely manners
15.03.22Year 2Ollie Wbeautiful manners
16.03.22Year 4Eliza Slovely manners
17.03.22Year 5Alfie Lalways polite 
18.03.22Year 5Lyla Ralways helpful to others


07.03.22Year 2Connor Dlovely Manners
08.03.22ReceptionJoshanne MImproved manners
09.03.22Year 1Maxx CImproved manners
10.03.22Year 6Euler Mexcellent lunchtime manners


14.02.22Jibril OReceptionLovely manners
15.02.22Poppy FYear 3Lovely manners
16.02.22Millie BYear 1Lovely Manners
17.02.22Ebony MYear 4Always polite


29.11.21Ebony MYear 4Lovely manners
30.11.21Ellie-May HYear 2Always helping others
01.12.21Charlie MYear 6Lovely manners
03.12.21Leo PYear 1Always polite/well mannnered


22.11.21Isabelle GYear 4Lovely manners
23.11.21Leo TYear 2Beautiful manners
24.11.21Ava NYear 6Taking care of others
25.11.21George MYear 6Organising playground games 
26.11.21Riley RYear  6Very helpful during dinner time


15.11.21Year 2Connor DLovely manners
16.11.21Year 4Eliza SLovely manners
17.11.21Year 5Archer TAlways polite in the hall
18.11.21Year 1Maxx CBeing very brave at dinner
19.11.21Year 1Oliver McBeing very brave at dinner


08.11.21Ralph GYear 2lovely manners
09.11.21Evie BYear 4Lovely manners
10.11.21George MYear 6Lovely manners
11.11.21Archie FYear 1Helping others
12.11.21Charlotte TYear 4Being kind to others


11.10.21Year 1Georgia RBeing helpful and kind to others.
12.10.21Year 2Elizabeth HLovely manners.
13.10.21Year 4Mia R 
14.10.21Year 5Rudie NK 


04.10.21Year 4Ebonie MLovely Manners.
05.10.21Year 4Evie-LeighBeing kind to others.
06.10.21Year 2Bobbie HLovely Manners.
07.10.21Year 5Lyla RLovely Manners.
08.10.21Year 3Lilly FBeing helpful to others.


27.09.21Year 1Oliwia MBeautiful manners at the dinner table and when returning her tray.
28.09.21Year 2Ollie WAlways has lovely manners.
29.09.21Year 4Amelia GLovely manners.
30.09.21Year 3Coby BAlways polite in the hall.
01.10.21Year 1Archer HLovely Manners.


20.09.21Sharna NYear 6Being kind to others
21.09.21Joel CYear 1Being helpful in the hall
22.09.21Emily SYear 5Being helpful to others
23.09.21Evelyn SYear 1 Lovely manners
24.09.21Ellie QYear 2Being helpful to others


13.09.21George GYear 1For eating all his dinner
14.09.21Archer HYear 1Being kind to others
15.09.21Sienna McAYear 5Being helpful
16.09.21Eliza SYear 4Being polite
17.09.21Freddie LYear 6Being polite to others


06.09.21               George M                                  Year 6                             For being kind and helpful to others in  the hall.
07.09.21Jibril ORecFor cutting up his own food independently
08.09.21Grace MYear 3For behaving really brave and super sensible after banging her head.
09.09.21James L                 Year 3For lovely manners.                                 
10.09.21Coby BYear 3For being polite.





9-12-19 Tanisha Peel For being kind to others
10-12-19 Austin Thomas    For being kind to other children                             
11-12-19 Alfie Loran For being very helpful
12-12-19 Finley For being very helpful
13-12-19     Eddie Mason For being very sensible


2-12-19 Nevaeh Nicholls For lovely manners
3-12-19 Elliott Byron For being polite
4-12-19 Bethan Ramsden For lovely manners
5-12-19 Freyja Grayson For lovely manners
6-12-19     Max Payton For being polite                                                 


25-11-19 Connor Davies For lovely manners
26-11-19 Oliver Hewitt For helping other children
27-11-19 Tia Mealing For lovely manners
28-11-19 Leo Thorley For helping play leaders tidy up
29-11-19     Phoebe Joynes           For lovely manners                                                      


18-11-19 Eryn Procter For lovely manners
19-11-19 Rian Mistry For lovely manners
20-11-19 Atticus Albiston For lovely manners
21-11-19 Ella-May Hill For lovely manners
22-11-19     Demi-Leigh Connelly For lovely manners                                                      


11-11-19 Lucas Lynam For lovely manners
12-11-19 Aiden Mistry For lovely manners
13-11-19 Yacoub Ahmed For being helpful/caring to others             
14-11-19 Poppy Fernley For lovely manners
15-11-19 Chloe Hallam For being helpful


4-11-19 Henry Lord For lovely manners
5-11-19 Ruby Heap For being very helpful in the hall        
6-11-19 Max Kelly For lovely manners
7-11-19 Rafe Milojevic For lovely manners
8-11-19 Evie McHale For lovely manners
21-10-19 Evie McHale             For lovely manners
22-10-19 Joshua Smith For helping other children                                 
23-10-19 George Marshall For helping another child
24-10-19 Ella Shackleton For lovely manners


14-10-19 Coby Bradwell          For lovely manners
15-10-19 Riley Rogers For helping at dinner
16-10-19 Theo Lund For lovely behaviour in the hall                          
17-10-19 Lizzie Lyons For helping other children
18-10-19 Mia Colgan For lovely manners


7-10-19 Zachary Coates For lovely manners
8-10-19 Nevaya Storah Jones For lovely manners
9-10-19 Euler Muyaba For lovely manners
10-10-19 Eliabeth Hallam For good manners
11-10-19 Rufus Nugent-Kirwin For being helpful on the playground                   


30-9-19 Bronte May For helping another child
1-10-19 Sienna McArthur For lovely manners
2-10-19 Tia Leak For lovely manners
3-10-19 Olly Briggs For being kind and helping others          
4-10-19 Finlay Egan For always behaving


23-9-19 Ethyn Tams For lovely manners
24-9-19 Zachary Coates For lovely manners
25-9-19 Daisy Schofield For being really helpful
26-9-19 Wade Ryan For being polite and helpful                
27-9-19 Leah Wardle For lovely manners


16-9-19 Amelia Gordon For eating all her lunch                         
17-9-19 Max Kelly For good manners
18-9-19 Ebony Maugham For lovely manners
19-9-19 Leo Thorley For lovely manners
20-9-19 Felix Bradshaw For lovely manners


9-9-19 Freddie Lord For being very kind to another child
10-9-19 Tia Mealing For being very kind to another child
11-9-19 Isla Schofield For helping a younger child
12-9-19 Ruby Cockburn For helping a younger child
13-9-19 Noah Savage For lovely manners



Riley Rogers For being a brilliant table monitor                    
4-9-19 Ava Baxendale For being a brilliant table monitor
5-9-19 Madison Rowbotham For being a brilliant table monitor
6-9-19 Evie Shackleton For being a brilliant table monitor