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Maths Morning 2013

"It was good to see different examples of learning through different activities"


"It was good to see how you can bring maths into different areas"


"There were good ways of learning, keeping the maths interesting"


"I have picked up some ideas that I can use at home"


"The sessions were well thought out and kept the children interested"


"It was great to learn what the “jargon” means (eg number bonds etc…)"


"There were good ideas for games and ideas to follow up at home"


"There were good examples of learning through active participation"


"It was really good and nice to get to meet some of my child's class mates"


"The children were active in their learning and engaged with a variety of tasks and activities covering different styles and abilities"


"It was interesting how different examples were used"


"More parents need to get involved in future sessions"


"It definitely helps me to teach my girl"


"I understand the way maths is taught it really helps at home"


"It was good to see different activities around the classroom"


"It's good to spend time, seeing what the children are doing"


"Please pass on my thanks to art club. Harvey and George loved it and came back all inspired and spent another happy hour drawing pictures of Iron Man. I'm not at all arty so really appreciate this input. It also meant I could get on with my marking so much appreciated!"