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NSPCC The Pants Rule Lesson





This objective of this lesson is to allow children to understand that their privates are private, and that nobody should ask to see them. 


You teach your child about road safety, and this conversation is just as easy. This NSPCC lesson does not use any scary words, and keeps it all child friendly. It has been created to make this conversation as easy as possible. You may think that this lesson doesn't apply to your child, but it is vital that every child understands, to keep them safe.


This is a step by step guide to delivering this lesson.


First, read this guide for parents:

Second, read this Question and Answer page. It has some questions your child may ask:

Now, you're ready to sit down with your child. However, you may want to look through the rest of the lesson to feel more prepared.


First, talk about when you go swimming, or to the beach, ask them what they wear. (A costume/trunks). 


Why do we wear this? (To cover our privates)


Why do we call them privates? (As they're private to us, no one else should see them)


Now, watch the Pantosaurus song:

Pantosaurus Song

Then, show them this poster and talk through the acrostic PANTS.


Take each sentence in turn and explain what each letter of PANTS stands for. Check that your child understands each phrase. Encourage them to say it out loud as a chant.

You may want to do a mini lesson on body parts. Can your child name their body parts? Including their privates? Curriculum guidance says that pupils ages 5-7 should know the terms penis and vagina. Introduce this vocabulary in measured terms when explaining that the pants region shouldn't be touched.


You can try this activity below. If you don't have a printer, you could just point to the body part on the screen :)

Last activity: The PANTS rule includes 'speaking up' and talking to someone who they trust. Can your child name people they trust?


They could draw a picture of them. 




And you're finished! Any questions you child asks and you're not sure of how to respond, then don't hesitate to message me and ask. 



Well done!