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Feedback from Parent’s Morning 2nd March 2017


  • Very insightful and interesting. The lessons were fun and my child enjoyed my time in class with them
  • I enjoyed both lessons (Geography and World Book Day activities)
  • I don’t have any suggestions for improvement, I think the parent mornings are a great idea. Thanks for letting us see what our children get up to!
  • I found the session most enjoyable
  • I had a really nice morning spending time with my child in her class
  • I enjoyed watching wake up shake up
  • It was nice meeting other parents over tea and coffee
  • It enjoyed watching my child in a classroom environment and how she interacts with her friends
  • No improvements I think they are fine the way they are
  • I really enjoyed my morning with Year 2 creating a script, storyboard and props for an animated film
  • I really enjoyed our table task. It was accessible for all and a lovely atmosphere.
  • Staff are excellent
  • Keep doing what you’re doing
  • I found it to be really enjoyable
  • I enjoyed doing the story task
  • I don’t think there’s anything to improve
  • I really enjoyed the morning
  • I enjoyed watching my child read The Hungry Caterpillar and play with her friends
  • I think the mornings are great
  • We found it really, really informative getting an idea of how our child’s school day goes and the level that he is at
  • We enjoyed seeing how our child learns phonics and it gave us a lot of ideas to take home
  • I think just seeing a genuine school day was so valuable so it couldn’t be improved
  • Liked digging in the mud
  • I liked watching what my child gets up to outside, how she explores
  • I enjoyed being shown what my child likes in nursery
  • I really enjoyed the time I spent with my child in nursery today. I have always wanted to see what they get up to
  • I enjoyed the time the children spent outside. The children seemed to really enjoy playing together
  • With what I have seen today I cannot see any way of improvement
  • I thought it was brill, it’s good to see what my child is like at nursery.
  • Think the forest school is a good idea
  • Loved the children dancing and seeing them play out in the mud
  • Loved it. Loved watching the children do and play Doh Disco
  • Loved playing outside with my child and the other children
  • It was great to see what they get up to outside in the forest
  • Enjoyed seeing how my child’s confidence has improved
  • Brilliant!
  • I enjoyed watching the circle time where the children talked about what they had on pancakes at home
  • Fantastic! Enjoyed learning how the class functions. The children really enjoyed the lessons
  • I liked how the children are encouraged to “think” about problem solving, working together, respect and kindness too
  • Very enjoyable and informative
  • I enjoyed guided reading
  • GREAT!

Feedback from Parent’s Morning 19th January 2017


  • I enjoyed it, it was lovely to see how my child works
  • I liked how I could see how he was coming on
  • It was nice to see the different things they do and how he is in his environment
  • I liked to see how my child knew his routines
  • Fantastic, I love how we got the chance to share a morning with the children
  • I really enjoyed playing with the children
  • Nice to see all the children interacting
  • I enjoyed how my child behaved with the class teacher
  • I loved my time in class
  • It was nice to see all the children working and playing in a group.
  • We really enjoyed the opportunity to work in class
  • Nothing to improve – the teachers are great!
  • Enjoyable seeing my child with her friends
  • It was an eye opener, very fast paced.
  • The children were really well behaved
  • I loved the violin lesson and how engaged the children were
  • I enjoyed the geography lesson and seeing how they interact and help each other
  • Very interesting to learn the routine and current subjects
  • I enjoyed the maths lesson – learning where my child is up to
  • It was really good to see how they interact out in the forest
  • I liked seeing the normal daily routine
  • Lovely, I always thoroughly enjoy coming into class and seeing what my children do day to day
  • I enjoyed helping my child in maths and will carry this on forwards and backwards in tens!
  • A really valuable insight into the classes
  • Guided reading ad discussion of the book was great
  • I enjoyed phonics, putting tricky words into sentences
  • It’s great to see what they get up to each day
  • Seeing how the children learn maths so I can help then more at home

Parents Morning - 10th November 2016


Grandparents Afternoon - June 2015

Grandparents’ afternoon on Thursday 15th June was a huge success. Here are some of the comments we received.

May 2015

This month we held some Drumskool sessions with parents. Thank you to everyone who took part. Below are some of the comments people made.


April 2015

The comment tree below shows some of the recent comments that we have received from parents.