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Parents Comments - November 2013


"Seeing the children play and learn at the same time is great to see"


"It set out a clear picture what they are doing in class"


"Seeing how the kids and teachers are in class is great"


"I can help my child with her maths and phonics as I now know how she is taught it"


"I loved watching my child play and joining in"


"It was good to understand the classroom environment"


"To know my child loves to play and learn is good to know"


"I enjoyed every minute here"


"Working with all the children and teachers was enjoyable"


"The teachers are fab!"


"Everything was well explained"


"It was good to see how the school day works in practice"


"I love to see what my daughter gets up to during school lessons"


"I had a great time with my child"


"It was useful in understanding the way the children are taught in the classroom"


"I understand the methods that the children use now"