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Power Maths Activities

For those of you wishing to use the Power Maths books, I have allocated blocks of work on Statistics, Length and Money.  I will allocate one lesson per day.  Each lesson has a textbook activity (which can be accessed online here) and a practice book activity.  Please use the textbook activity to teach the lesson concepts and then allow the children to practice what they have learned in the corresponding practice book pages.  Please note that these activities have not previously been covered in class and will be new to the children.  I will continue to plan Level 1, 2 and 3 maths revision lessons each week.  Power Maths lessons can be taught instead of the revision or as well as the revision and can be covered at your own pace.  The lessons do build on one another, however, so should be taught in order.  Please don't complete work from other units unless set by me.