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SATs Past Papers

Past Papers

Below are some of the previous SATs papers. They include the 2016 SATs tests and the 2016 Sample papers. Both of these are based on the New National Curriculum.


Please note: I have not included the 2017 SATs papers as we will be using this in school for the children when they do their mock assessment week.



To help children with their Maths papers (particularly the Arithmetic Paper) I have created a booklet explaining the methods we use in school. If you need any further help, please come and speak to me.



For a lot of our children, Arithmetic is a real focus. Below is a link to a website where children can practice more arithmetic questions:





Older Test Papers


The following papers are from 2015 and earlier. These papers were used for the previous curriculum and so do not follow the exact format of the new tests. They are still a useful resource and many of the skills being tested are still relevant. One of the major differences is that children no longer have a calculator paper.