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Summer 2 Week 2: 15.08.20 - 19.08.20

Click on the link to see your weekly tasks and choose the appropriate level of challenge. If you are unsure please ask! 

Level 1- Must (less challenging) 

Level 2- Should (average level of challenge)

Level 3- Could (more challenging). 

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Word of the Week


This week our word of the week is claggyThis was chosen by Cameron in our class and it means 'sticky'.


Miss Johnson's sentence is:

My brand new shoes got stuck in the claggy mud!


Can you go through these word aware steps to learn and understand the word?

1. Write word
2. Discuss what it means
3. Draw a picture for it
4. Clap the syllables for the word (CLAG - GY)
5. Have an action for the word
6. Sing/rap along to the song:
(The children are familiar with this rap)
7. Can you put the word in a sentence?

10 dojos will be given every time you use word aware. Please send pictures and videos to your child’s portfolio