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Summer 2 Week 3: 22.06.20 - 26.06.20

Click on the link to see your weekly tasks and choose the appropriate level of challenge. If you are unsure please ask! 

Level 1- Must (less challenging) 

Level 2- Should (average level of challenge)

Level 3- Could (more challenging). 

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Summer 2 Week 3 Home Learning

Word of the Week


This week our word of the week is treacherous. This was chosen by Oliver in Y1 and it means either 'not safe' or 'not trustworthy'.


Miss Johnson's sentence is:

The journey through the forgotten forest was treacherous


Can you go through these word aware steps to learn and understand the word?

1. Write word
2. Discuss what it means
3. Draw a picture for it
4. Clap the syllables for the word (trea - cher - ous)
5. Have an action for the word
6. Sing/rap along to the song:
(The children are familiar with this rap)
7. Can you put the word in a sentence?

10 dojos will be given every time you use word aware. Please send pictures and videos to your child’s portfolio

Values Homework from Miss Turner



Our value this half term is the concept of respect.

It is defined as a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


Who do the children respect? What do the children respect? What is self-respect? Why is it important? Why is respect a good value to follow?


Your challenge is to choose one person that you greatly respect. It can be a public figure or someone in your family circle or friends. Tell me about that person and why you respect them so much. You can write a poem about them, create a piece of art work that represents them, write a song or a straightforward biography. You can even video yourselves discussing the person if you like!


You have three weeks to complete this challenge….

All entries are worth 20 dojos but the winner will receive 100 dojos and will be published on the website and newsletter.


Completed entries to be uploaded on to Dojo Portfolio or emailed in to mail@millbrook.tameside.sch.uk by Monday 6th July.