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Usernames and passwords have been stuck on the inside cover of your child's homework book.


I have set all of the children to automatic training.  Here's how it works:


The first time they log on, the children will play a Gig Game.


A Gig game issues 100 multiplication questions starting with 10 questions on the 10s, followed by 10 questions on each of the 2s, 5s, 3s, 4s, 8s, 6s, 7s and 9s and then 5 questions on the 11s and the 12s. There is a 5 minute time limit and pupils will not necessarily get round to answering all 100 questions during that time, which is fine.


After their first Gig, pupils will be placed at the best starting point on our training course. In other words, it's not just a baseline measure, it's also a diagnostic tool for our algorithm. In addition, pupils are directed to play a Gig game after learning every table as a way to track performance over time and adjust their learning pathway as necessary.


After the Gig Game, Automatic training will start.


Learners play in the Garage or the Arena and begin with the first set of questions (1x10 up to 4x10). When they can answer at a rate of 20 per minute, we'll introduce the next set of questions. As learners progress, ATM brings in commutativity, missing number questions and division facts. So the first 9 levels, look like this:


Level 1 : 1×10 to 4×10
Level 2 : 10×1 to 10×4
Level 3 : A mix of 1 and 2

Level 4 : 10×?=10 to 10×?=40
Level 5 : ?×10=10 to ?×10=40
Level 6 : A mix of 4 and 5

Level 7 : 10÷10 to 40÷10
Level 8 : 10÷1 to 40÷4
Level 9 : A mix of 7 and 8


Then the process repeats for 5×10 to 8×10 and once more for 9×10 to 12×10 before moving onto the next table and starting the process again. 


Once they have a few tables under their belt, ATM combines them for a while, to consolidate recall, and then brings in a fresh table. The process repeats - all the while giving plenty of opportunity to revisit prior learning, by interleaving earlier tables and giving due weight to the facts we know learners struggle with the most - until your learner has become a Rock Star at all the tables!