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WC 22.6.20


Level 1 English Unit - Superheroes!

Level 2/3 English Unit - Lockdown

Word of the Week


(It either means 'not safe' or 'not trustworthy'.)


Mrs Roberts's sentence is:

The rope bridge across the deep ravine was old and treacherous!


Can you go through these word aware steps to learn and understand the word?

1. Write word
2. Discuss what it means
3. Draw a picture for it
4. Clap the syllables for the word (treach-er-ous)
5. Have an action for the word
6. Sing/rap along to the song:

(The children are familiar with this rap)

10 dojos will be given every time you use word aware. Please send pictures and videos to your child’s portfolio.


Can you put the word in a sentence too for 5 dojos?