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WC 23.03.20



I've formulated a new system for Dojo points.  There may well be teething problems so we see what works and what doesn't work - I'm still finding my way around the ins and outs of the online systems.  Please let me have any feedback about how you think it's working and I'll tweak as we go.


Home Learning on Dojo

For each piece of home learning posted onto Dojo (either by photo, video or comment from you) I will award 1 Dojo point.



For each complete 30 minutes spent on Mathletics each week, I will award 1 Dojo.  Children can earn certificates too.  To get a Bronze Certificate, they need to earn 1000 points in a week.  To get a Silver Certificate, they need to earn 5 bronze certificates and to get a Gold Certificate, they need to earn 4 Silver Certificates.  Some children have already earned certificates earlier in the year and are already on the road to Gold - I will send these certificates out to parents.  For any certificates earned during the home learning period, I will award 5 Dojos for each Bronze, 10 Dojos for each Silver and 20 Dojos for each Gold!


Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress

For each complete 30 minutes spent on Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress each week, I will award 1 Dojo.  Children can earn medals too.  To get a Bronze Medal, they need to earn 1000 points in a week.  To get a Silver Medal, they need to earn 5 bronze Medals and to get a Gold Medal, they need to earn 3 Silver Medals.  There are no certificates to print for these awards.  Heidi is the only child who has already earned her 1st Bronze Medal earlier in the year.  For any medals earned during the home learning period, I will award 5 Dojos for each Bronze, 10 Dojos for each Silver and 20 Dojos for each Gold!


TT Rockstars

There is no data available on TT Rockstars which tells me how long each child has spent on TT Rockstars in a week.  Instead, I'll be awarding 1 dojo every time your child goes up a level.


Dojos for Mathletics, Reading Eggs and TT Rockstars will be added on Sunday evenings ready for a fresh start on Monday.


The six children with the most Dojos at the end of each week will be the winners.

Monday 23/3/20


  1.  Half an hour of Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress.
  2.  Login to Digimap and use the tools to find and label school and your house.  Can you draw your route to school?
  3. Half an hour of Mathletics.
  4.  Twenty minutes of reading for pleasure.
  5.  Ten minutes of times tables practice on TT Rockstars.

Tuesday 24/3/20



If you can, do the Joe Wicks YouTube PE lesson at 9am live (search Joe Wicks PE Lesson after 8.55am). 30 minutes.



The children have really enjoyed writing adventure stories in class but we never got to finish them.  We have been writing stories inspired by Jules Verne's 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth'.  It's a really tricky text but the children have risen to the challenge of writing in the same style. I'd love the children to finish them!  I have attached the whole class story which we have been writing together.  The children have then been writing their own and should be at the same point in their stories as in the class story.  Their stories will mirror the class story to some extent but characters and events will differ slightly.

  1. Read through the story written so far.
  2. Encourage the children to discuss their ideas for what will happen at each stage of their story - this will help them with their writing.
  3. Children should start writing from the point the class story stops - their story is at a similar point in their English books (don't worry if your child has been off school, they can start in the same place as everyone else)
  4.  Allow them to borrow vocabulary and phrases from the text - it's a great way for them to learn.
  5. Make sure they write for no more than 10 or 15 minutes.  Children often lose focus after this.  Aim to finish the story over 4 days rather than 1 long session.  I won't be planning any other English for the rest of the week.
  6. Have fun - the children have really enjoyed writing these stories. (30 minutes)                   


Outdoor Learning

If you have a safe outside space which isn't shared and the weather allows, challenge your child to make a den using household and garden materials.  Make the den comfy with cushions and pillows.  If you don't have an outside space which you can use, utilise an area inside your home.  I'd love to put your photographs on the class story! (30 minutes)


Reading for Pleasure

Let your child choose a book to read in their den.  (20 minutes) 


TT Rockstars

Do the gig to set your new starting level if you haven't already, then play in the Garage or challenge Year 4 in the Battle of the Bands.  (10 minutes)

Wednesday 25/3/20



Continue to write adventure stories as per Tuesday's planning (see below). 30 minutes



Complete some of the set Mathletics activities or some pages in your maths pack.  30 minutes



Scratch Coding.  The children have been beginning to learn how to use this software at school.  It's free and you can access it via the below link.  Follow one of the tutorials together and then have a go at one of the mini projects on the 'ideas' page.  30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Choose a book/magazine or other text and curl up somewhere comfortable for a read.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3 - 7160, Year 4 - 8115!  We are now 955 points behind Year 4 in our battle.  I'd like to say a particular well done to Ruby, Elliott and Harry who have scored 4218 of our 7160 points between them - you are true rock heroes!!  Let's see if we can smash Year 4's score - click on 'Battle of the Bands' when you log on.  10 minutes

Thursday 26/3/20



Continue with adventure stories as explained in Tuesday's planning.  30 minutes


Handwash Challenge

Medicspot is calling all primary school children to share their creative ideas to help encourage frequent hand washing – the best way to keep yourself and others safe from coronavirus. Find out how you can enter and win £500 for Millbrook Primary School  by following the below link.  30 minutes



We are subscribed to an account with 5-a-day Fitness, which is used to boost physical activity, health and wellbeing throughout the school day.  5-a-day Fitness is a collection of online 5-minute follow-along fun fitness routines with an array of different themes, from Pirates to Superheroes, and Pop to Jive. Resources can easily be used at any time, in most spaces, and without any physical equipment.  The Time-2-Chill resources are 2-minute follow-along routines concentrating on relaxation, imagination, co-ordination and mindfulness, a great way to assist well-being.  There’s no preparation required, simply log in, select a video routine, join in, have fun, get fit and learn at home!






The home access username and password for parents/carers and pupils is:


USERNAME: 5-a-dayAtHome    


30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Find an unusual (but safe) spot within your home or garden to read - send me your pictures and I'll award 20 dojos for the most imaginative.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Oh no - we are losing our battle with Year 4.  The scores stand at:  Year 3 - 7324, Year 4 - 10,591.  Just log on and play to earn points for Year 3.  If everyone does 10 minutes, we'll soon catch up!  10 minutes

Friday 27/3/20



Finish writing your adventure stories.  Don't forget to edit and improve your finished work!  Scan and send them if you can - I can't wait to read them! 30 minutes



Complete some of the set activities on Mathletics or in Maths booklets.  30 minutes 


Life Skills

Help your parent or carer prepare lunch or tea for your family.  Send a photograph of your finished meal and write or draw step by step instructions so that the rest of the class can have a go! 30 minutes to write instructions


Reading for Pleasure

Read a book or text which you enjoy.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3:  9879 vs Year 4:  12,476.  Our points are increasing but we are falling further behind Year 4.  Come on Year 3 - we can do it!  10 minutes

Dojo Winners!


Well done to the following children who are the top six Dojo earners this week.  I've sent them all a certificate and they will be having some Golden Time at home this week!


  1.  Freddie
  2.  Elliott
  3.  Katie
  4.  Archer
  5.  Bethan
  6.  Harry


Thanks to everyone (parent and child) who engaged with home learning last week - you are all amazing!