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WC 30.03.20

Monday 30.3.20



Join Joe Wicks on his YouTube channel (The Body Coach) for his PE session at 9am.  30 minutes



Complete some of your assigned activities on Mathletics or in maths booklets. 30 minutes


Outdoor Learning

Investigate your safe outdoor space by using the 'Seasonal Spring Spot-it Sheet' to look for nature's signs of Spring.  Tick off or make a list of the things you see and add any that aren't on the list.  If you don't have a safe outdoor space, look and listen from your window.  Please make sure you ask your adult to supervise when opening windows.  30 minutes  


Reading for Pleasure

Make sure you read for 20 minutes.


TT Rockstars

Year 3 - 12,044, Year 4 - 13,716.

We are catching up with Year 4.  Keep playing every day!  10 minutes

Tuesday 31.3.20



Have another go at 5-a-day Fitness using the below login:






The home access username and password for parents/carers and pupils is:


USERNAME: 5-a-dayAtHome    


30 minutes


Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress

I have set more activities on here so there should be plenty to keep children busy.  30 minutes



Have a go at the numbers activities by scanning the QR codes for each one.  Use the interactive knowledge organiser to help with spelling and pronunciation.  30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Remember to keep a record of the reading you are doing each day in your reading journal.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3:  13,943 and Year 4:  14,639.

Wow!  We are really catching up with Year 4 now, only 696 points behind - keep playing everyone!  Let's see if we can overtake Year 4 by tomorrow!  10 minutes

Wednesday 1.4.20


Health and Wellbeing

Have a go at the 'Cosmic Kids' Yoga on YouTube.  Follow the link below.  15 minutes


Draw yourself a sunshine: Inside your sunshine draw/write all of the things that make you happy. 15 minutes



Complete some of your assigned activities and earn some Dojo points.  30 minutes


Writing Project

Choose a subject matter with your child which they are enthusiastic about, e.g. their favourite football team, a sport, a rock star, an animal, etc.

Spend some time doing some research about this subject and encourage your child to make notes, save pictures and videos, etc.

Children should present their work in a written form of their choice, e.g. o paper, power-point presentation, word document, publisher document, etc.

Please submit finished work on your child's portfolio if possible.  If you are struggling to do this, I can send you my e-mail address.

This is intended to be a project carried out over several days so don't spend any more than 30 minutes each day on it.  I won't be setting any other writing activities until the next working week.

These are the success criteria I will be looking for when marking:

MUST (everyone should be able to do this):  Writing should be in clear sentences marked by capital letters and full stops.

SHOULD (most children should be able to do this):  Use capital letters for proper nouns.

COULD (for more challenge):  Use commas to separate clauses.

Good luck!

30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Keep recording your daily reading in your journals.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3 - 15,572 and Year 4 - 16,211.  Only 639 points behind - we are getting closer every day!  Keep playing everyone!  10 minutes

Thursday 2.4.20



Continue with the writing project set yesterday.  Scroll down to see instructions and success criteria.  30 minutes



Complete some of the assigned Mathletics tasks or do some work from your maths pack.  30 minutes



Follow the link to BBC Bitesize Music and watch the video about pulse and rhythm, and the body percussion performance piece video.

Can you create a short composition, using only sounds which you can make with your body?  Maybe you could include a member of your family?  Start by creating a steady pulse, then add different rhythms.

Film your performances and send them to me - I can't wait to see them!  30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Keep recording your reading in your journals.  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3:  18,693 and Year 4:  18,173.  

We are 520 points in the lead!  Amazing work, Year 3 - keep going!  10 minutes

Friday 3.4.20



Continue with the writing project set on Wednesday.  Don't forget to send me your finished work!  30 minutes



Complete some of the Mathletics activities set or do some work in your maths pack.  30 minutes


History  Follow the link below to visit the BBC Bitesize page on Bronze Age Britain and find out some more about Bronze Age life.  Show your new and existing knowledge by making a mind map.  Remember to use different colours to organise your ideas, illustrations to make it fun and key vocabulary along the branches.  I've attached an example mind map to remind you what a good one looks like.  Post your mind map in your portfolio on Dojo.  30 minutes


Reading for Pleasure

Keep reading and recording in your journals!  20 minutes


TT Rockstars

Year 3: 20,077 and Year 4: 18,385.  You are smashing it Year 3 - we are 1692 points ahead of Year 4!  Well done and keep playing!  10 minutes

Example mind map

Dojo Winners!

Well done to the following children who are the top six Dojo earners this week.  I've sent them all a certificate and they will be having some Golden Time at home this week!


  1.  Ethan
  2.  Archer
  3.  Bailie
  4.  Rudie
  5.  Harry
  6.  Elliott


Here are the top 5 scorers in our TT Rockstars tournament so far against Year 4.  They earned an additional 5 Dojos each!


1.  Archer

2.  Harry

3.  Elliott

4.  Alfie

5.  Ruby


Reading Eggs Bronze Medals have been earned by the following children.  Well done to:


1.  Mia

2.  Archer


Bronze Mathletics Certificates have been awarded to the following children.  Well done to:


1.  Archer (Bronze)

2.  Bailie (Bronze)

3.  Bailie (Silver)

4.  Elliott (Bronze)

5.  George (Bronze)

6.  Heidi (Bronze)

7.  Lilly-Rose (Bronze)

8.  Mia (Bronze)

9.  Millie (Bronze) 


Thanks for all of your hard work everyone!