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Year 2

Dates for your diary


Parent's Mornings (you will be sent an invitation for one of the following dates- according to the information you provided at the start of the year)- Wednesday 26th April, Thursday 15th June.


We went to Tesco, Stalybridge to find out about how bread is baked.  We got to feel the dough, smell the yeast and watch the bread bake in the ovens.  We got to find out about other parts of Tesco too, and visited the loading bay, the fridge and freezer, the warehouse, the fishmonger, the deli and the fruit and veg department.  We found out lots and did lots of tasting along the way.  Now we can design and bake our own bread!

Diversity Day

On diversity day, Year 2 had lots of fun taking part in some fantastic cultural diversity workshops. Thanks to Agnes, Nevel, Liza and Barbara from Culture, Culture who lead the workshops.

Year 2's Visit to Staircase House

As part of our History topic, we visited Staircase House in Stockport. We took part in a Great fire of London workshop. We were able to dress up and act out the main events, taking on the jobs of people from 1666. A great day was had by all!


Year 2 Science- Animals and their Habitats