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Year 3

               Welcome to Year 3

Year Three Class Rules


  1. Be careful with everything in the classroom.

  2. Don't upset or hurt other people.

  3. Listen to the teacher and each other.

  4. Always put your hand up to ask a question.

  5. Always try your best.

Here is a taste of all the wonderful things we do and learn in Year Three!
Our visit to the Pilsworth Landfill Site - finding out about our waste and on the hunt for Stig of the Dump!
Mountain Climbers
Making Volcanoes



We had a fantastic day learning about how limestone caves are formed and exploring underground in Buxton at Poole's Cavern.

OLDHAM Mountain Rescue


Thank you very much to the fantastic volunteers at the Oldham Mountain Rescue who came in today to teach us all about their work and how to stay say on mountains.



Today a Viking visited our classroom to help us learn all about invaders and settlers

Our Class Assembly


Today we showed our families an assembly all about our history topic of Invaders & Setters.

Christmas Workshop


A big thank you to everyone who attended the Year 3 & 4 Christmas workshop on Monday 2nd December. 


We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!