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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Scroll down to find our newsletters, homework, extra spellings and times tables and pictures of what year 4 have been up to!


If you have any questions, please come into school and ask.

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Things to Remember



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Who's Who?


This year the class will be supported by Mrs Gallagher daily.

Mrs Roberts will teach year 4 every fortnight on a Thursday.

Mrs Shearer will support the class every Monday-Thursday morning.

Miss Higgins will be in the class every Tuesday.

Knowledge Organiser
Times Table Worksheets
Spelling Lists
Key Instant Recall Facts
Long Term Planning
Year 4 Non Negotiable

Life in Year 4:

Hercules & Phoebe Songs

Song 1 I'm Phoebe

Song 2: Hercules, If you Please

Song 3: King Eurystheus 1

Song 4: King Eurystheus 2

Song 5: Labours

Song 6: Atlas Song

Song 7: Atlas Exit

Song 8: Phoebe on the Mountain

Song 9: Finale

Wahaca Trip

Year 4 take over the Marks and Spencer Archive


Year 4 have been invited to take part in a very special project called 'Kids Take Over'.  As part of the project, we will be curating a display of Marks and Spencer artefacts from the 1920s, 30s and 40s which will be exhibited in April.  As part of the project, we will have to:  choose items to go into the display case, write an information label about each item, write and design display case stickers, produce an information sheet about our school and make a video about our experience.  We will go and visit the museum in Leeds, once our display is exhibited in April.  

M & S Kids Takeover.mp4

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18/01/19 Violin Assembly

3.12.18 News report - Animals have escaped from the local zoo!

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Our Powerpoint Presentations - 29-11-18

Giant Pandas

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Tasmanian Devil

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Sea Otters

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15-11-18 Children in Need Day in the Forest

14-11-18 Wind Farm News Report

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14-11-18 Wind Farm Debate

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Historical News Report Maisie G

Recycling Week - 28th September 2018

It was National Recycling Week and year 4 had a visit from Mike Robinson and Rebecca from Tameside Recycling.  We learned how to sort our rubbish to make sure we recycle as much as we can.  Year 4 look forward to sharing what they have learned with their parents and carers and other classes at school.