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Healthy schools 

As a Healthy School, we are committed to encouraging and developing positive attitudes towards a healthy diet. Food is central to life and therefore an important part of School life and the activities we engage in. We also believe that adults (staff, parents and carers) should be good role models and have access to information which will help them to provide healthy food for children.


  • To promote a school environment and ethos which promotes a healthy lifestyle

  • To ensure that the food and drink available across the school day reinforces the healthy lifestyle message

  • To promote an understanding of the full range of issues and behaviours which affect lifelong health

  • To provide high quality physical education, school sport and physical activity as part of a lifelong healthy lifestyle

  • We will maximise the take-up of Free School Meals by tackling any barriers to taking up this entitlement.

  • To promote an understanding of the full range of issues and behaviours which affect lifelong health

Healthy eating policy 2017 

Healthy schools week 2017 

We have had such an amazing week doing lots of healthy things in classes right through the school. We have had active Tameside in doing some cooking, the NHS doing nutrition talks, Touch Cookies doing SRE lessons and Branching out. Look at the amazing things we have done. 




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Year 1 

Year 3

Year 4

We have been really busy!

Healthy Schools in Year4

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Year 5

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Cookathon 2017 


The children made a healthy Chilli this year with their parents. Mr Cubbin and Mrs Rawson did an amazing job teaching the parents and children how to use the cooking tools safely. The child took the food home they cooked to eat for their tea. 


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Food safety 

Food4Life Schools Award - Gold Again!


Food4Life Schools Award - Gold


On Friday 10th October we were assessed against the Food4Life Schools Award, Gold level. The children’s lunch boxes were audited and they looked at our commitment to making the school environment healthier for pupils. As a result of the assessment we have been judged to have reached gold level! 


The following good practices were highlighted:

  • The school has as a nutrition champion.
  • Healthy eating is actively promoted through the school website, school newsletters, assembly’s and in PHSE lessons. I was also very impressed with the large colourful displays in the dining hall.
  • Fruit and milk is available to KS1 pupils at morning break. For KS2 children a snack bar is provided at a cost of 20p where a good range of healthy snacks are on offer. Excellent!
  • Drinking water is freely available throughout the school day.
  • School meals are well promoted on the school’s website, in reception and on weekly newsletters. Class teachers are always actively promoting the uptake of school meals to parents.
  • All parents of pupils at Millbrook Primary adhere to the schools policy regarding birthday treats. If any treats are sent in these are plain buns which are then sent home with the children at the end of the school day. No food is given as a reward by teachers, alternatives such as smelly stickers and stationary items are used, whilst books are given out at Christmas and the end of the school year.
  • All children were served a balanced meal consisting of a protein, carbohydrate and vegetable choice.
  • The salad bar was very prominently sited and a member of staff served the younger children. A good selection of items were available and topped up during the lunch time service.
  • All pupils (both packed lunches and school meals) were encouraged to try their lunch before eating their dessert, some pupils were even encouraged to try a little more of their main course, which is excellent.
  • KS2 pupils now have the use of plates and bowls at lunch time rather than using flight trays.
  • It was noted on our visit that most packed lunches contained two treat items, mainly crisps and biscuits or cakes plus many of the yoghurts were the very sweet varieties. All children appeared to have a sandwich and three quarters of the lunch boxes that I looked at contained a piece of fruit.
  • I was really impressed with the green/red slips that were given out to children on packed lunches. This informed them and their parents whether they had a healthy/unhealthy packed lunch that day.