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Millbrook Curriculum Enrichment


At Millbrook we value the importance trips and visitors. Each class will go on a trip a half term to enrich the learning in the classroom. We try to use the local area as much as possible. Take a look at some of the trips the children have been on. 

Year 4 

Y4 took part in a Festivals and Feasts workshop at the Jewish Museum in Manchester.  They learned about the festivals of Pesach and Hanukkah and the importance of Shabbat.  The children made Challah bread and played Driedel before  exploring the museum.


Year 2

Our Year 2 class went on a trip to the mosque in Ashton, the children learned about the pillars of Islam and features of a mosque through interactive activities including a treasure hunt.


Year 3


Our Year 3 class went on a school trip to Graystone Action Sports. They had a great time trying out the different sport activities

Whole School


This afternoon, the whole school went to St James’ church for our Easter celebration, and each class performed a song or poem

Reception & Year 2 


Our reception and year 2 went on a trip to Stalybridge Library. They learnt how you borrow books and how to select books from the shelves.


Year 3 


Year 3 visited Poole’s Cavern. They explored the cave chambers and learnt all about the caves history, and rock and cave formations. They also did the woodland walk and fossil trail up to Solomon’s Temple. It was an exciting day!

Year 4 & 5 


Children from Y4 & 5 visited Graystone Action Sports Centre as part of the 'Determination Action Festival'. They got to experience bouldering, freestyle gymnastics, skateboarding, and scootering - what an amazing experience!

Year 2 - Trip to the Fireground museum!


Year 2 went to Rochdale to the Fireground museum. We learnt more about the Great Fire of London and got to have a go at using the squirters to put out fire! We had a tour of the museum and looked at how fire engines and the fire service has changed since 1666. We had an interactive fire engine experience and even got to go in a real fire engine!