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School House System and Values

The whole school value we are concentrating on this term is Respect. 

Millbrook Values 2022 - 2023

See below for all the work we have done in previous years on school values.

Fairness Homework

Creativity Homework

Honesty Homework

Tolerance Assembly

Collaboration Homework

Well done to everyone who collaborated and produced some wonderful work.

Collaboration Homework

Kindness Homework

Well done to the winners of the kindness poetry competition!

Honesty Assembly - 11th June 2018

Positivity Assembly

Councillor Jan Jackson come into school on Monday 29th January to talk to us about positivity and her role at the council.

Kindness Assembly

One of our governors, Mr Chadwick, came into assembly on Monday 4th December to talk to us about kindness, our value for this term. He shared the story of The Smartest Giant.

Gratitude Homework

Chinese New Year Assembly

We value other cultures by learning about their customs and traditions. On Monday 30th January we learned a lot about Chinese New Year celebrations and had a visit from some lions! At dinner time we had a special Chinese menu.

Values Competition Winners

Well done to the winners of the values jingle competition Bradley and Olivia Read. Here is their jingle:


Our Values Jingle


At Millbrook school we’re really proud
We use our values all year round.


Optimism, patience, hard work too
we will show you what to do.


Resilience is the key you know
use school values to help you grow.


Gratitude and honesty will get you far.
just make the effort and be a star.


Don’t forget good manners too
and always respect other people’s view.


We all work together as one big team.
So use school values and shine like a beam.


When it’s time to pass the test
Millbrook school values are the best.

Former Pupil Visit

On Monday 14th November we were very pleased to welcome Sandra Whitehead, a former pupil from Millbrook, to school. Sandra is now Head of Adult Services at Tameside. She talked to the children about her career and inspired them to think about their own aspirations.


Year 5 & 6 reports on British Inventors and Great Britons

Values Art Competition

Millbrook Values and Film Club

Film Club have produced some wonderful films that relate to our Millbrook values. Take a look at them:


Still image for this video

A Zombie Act of Kindness

Still image for this video

The Snowman

Still image for this video

House Trophy


Take a look at the wonderful trophy that the house teams are competing to have their name engraved on.