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Why We Take Risks

All children both need and want to take risks in order to explore limits, venture into new experiences and develop their capacities, from a very young age and from their earliest play experiences. Children would never learn to walk, climb stairs or ride a bicycle unless they were strongly motivated to respond to challenges involving a risk of injury.


How will a child ever know that the bridge she has over a stream is safe if they does not take a tentative step onto it? Only by having the time and opportunity to test it out will she realise that it is too wobbly, that the materials she has chosen are not strong enough, or that the supporting structure is not stable. They must have the opportunity to test out her ideas and find solutions for themselves wherever possible.


In terms of emotional development, a child's confidence will grow significantly through Forest Schools and the risks they do not get to take in school. This confidence can then be carried into other areas of their lives


Allowing children to manage their own risk early on will help them make better decisions in the future.

Why children should take risks