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Stars of the Week


Congratulations to the following children who have earned a Headteacher's Award:

 4th July 2022 
Year 1Evelyn SFor her love of writing and applying her learning at home.
Year 2Arlo SSuper secret garden story.
Year 3James Lexcellent comparisons about the main character in guided reading.
Year 4Henry PGreat progress with ZAP spellings.
Year 5Archer TImpressive confident work in English.


 27th June 2022 
Year 1Georgia RAmazing art! the style of Picasso
Year 2Elizabeth HExcellent effort with handwriting
Year 3Bruce NA big improvement in learning & attitude
Year 4Erin GA good understanding of solid & liquid
Year 5Millie CExcellent discussion work in science
Year 6Dexter WGood geography skills - natural parks


Year 1Thomas GCommitment to learning
Year 2Ella-May HVery helpful & kind
Year 3Lucas BImprovement in behaviour & reading
Year 4Ruby SFor fantastic understanding in science
Year 5Sienna MExcellent work during art and bush craft day
Year 6Aleyna WExcellent geography skills, locating national parks


 23rd May 2022 
Year 1Dylan SAn amazing start to Year 1
Year 2Ollie WFor being very helpful
Year 3Felix BCaring for all, encouraging others with guidance & explanations
Year 4Max Lsuper science retrieval
Year 5Bailie PExcellent attitude to learning
Year 6Evie SStriving excellence in all lessons. 


 4th April 2022 
Year 1Oliver McPersuasive writing - great piece of work 
Year 2Kalel TBrilliant writing working independently 
Year 3Lilly FWorking hard, talking in feedback, enthusiastic to learning
Year 4Nathan BClear & concise explanation for how to solve a 2 step maths problem
Year 5Mia RPositive attitude to learning
Year 6Lyla MWorking extremely hard in English


 28th March 2022 
Year 1George GHard work in Maths
Year 2Tulisa-Maie WGTrying hard with reading
Year 3Laura BBeing a PE Ambassador
Year 4Phoebie RMaking excellent progress with times tables
Year 5Bella WA positive attitude to learning
Year 6George Musing his knowledge of multiplying 2 digit numbers to work out area


 21st March 22 
Year  1George GHard work in maths
Year 2Tulisa-Maie WGTrying hard with reading
Year 3Isaac KImprovement in handwriting
Year 4Logan BAmazing vocabulary work
Year 5Emily SExceptional attitude to learning
Year 6Charlie BWorking extremely hard in class


 14th March 2022 
Year 1Charlotte SA super start to her new school - excellent attitude
Year 2Chloe STrying incredibly hard with handwriting
Year 3Lacie GAlways working hard & excellent learning through homework
Year 4Owen TImproved learning behaviour
Year 5Heidi BExcellent questioning skills
Year 6Lyla MPersevering with perimeter. 


 7th March 2022 
Year 1Maxx CGreat participation in mastering maths & quickly spotting the patterns
Year 2Ella May HAlways being helpful
Year 3Poppy FAmazing at supporting her partner & thinking through processes

to help learning

Year 4Robin KGreat knowledge about earthquakes 
Year 5Katie SExcellent effort in maths this week
Year 6Ava BWorking hard at converting measures in maths


 10th February 2022 
Year 1Isla S Lovely reading in phonics
Year 2Marnie WPersisting in maths
Year 3  
Year 4Joel JGreat contribution to maths discussion
Year 5Elliott KExcellent attitude to learning
Year 6Madison RFantastic arithmetic work


 4th February 2022 
Year 1Dollie-rose SHard work in D & T designing playground equipment
Year 2Ellie QTrying really hard with spellings
Year 3Joshua SConfidence in using sentence stems when explaining

methodology in maths

Year 4Theo HFor determination in trying to achieve his 11 x table badge
Year 5Lyla ROutstanding attitude to learning
Year 6Max KWorking really hard in Maths


 31st January 2022 
Year 1Finn GHard work in extended writing
Year 2Ella SBeautiful presentation
Year 3Elliott BHard work and determination in learning
Year 4Phoebie Rsuper use of bar models in maths
Year 5Carly-Sue WGImpressive perseverance in maths
Year 6Cameron McWorking hard & trying his best


 24th January 2022 
Year 1Evelyn SRecognising opinions & debating her own, very diplomatic
Year 2Grace MAlways trying hard - participating
Year 3Noah SWorking hard & good learning behaviour
Year 4Amelia GPositive attitude to learning in maths
Year 5Wiktor MImaginative ideas in diary writing
Year 6Finley EWorking hard in a climate graph


 17th January 2022 
Year 1Elizabeth BGreat example of a primary history source
Year 2Ava CAmazing coding work
Year 3Lilly FAmazing poetry homework
Year 4Phoebie Rkindness - helping a new classmate
Year 5George MFocused learning & excellent drama work
Year 6Sharna NStriving for excellence in fractions (addition & subtraction)


 10th January 2022 
Year 1Tayah MHuge improvement in teen numbers
Year 2Aidan MTrying really hard with presentation
Year 3Ethan THard work in maths - demonstrating great resilience
Year 4Evie BSuper effort in writing
Year 5Blake RExcellent attitude to learning
Year 6Lilly HWorking hard to simplify fractions


 13th December 2021 
Year 1Joel CConsistent good learning behaviour
Year 2Lucas LGreat effort with learning behaviour
Year 3Grace MFantastic expert reader - caring for all by supporting a friend
Year 4Owen Timproved learning behaviour
Year 5Sienna MiFantastic sportsmanship in coaching
Year 6Riley RWorking hard with his writing


 6th December 2021 
Year 1Archie FWorking hard on listening skills - huge improvement in behaviour
Year 2Tulisa-Maie WGAlways joining in every lesson
Year 3Taylor WOracy - saying it again letter
Year 4Faith MPerseverance in Maths
Year 5Sienna MExcellent Maths works
Year 6Phoebe PStriving for excellence with her writing


 29th November 2021 
Year 1Piper QAlways being kind & caring
Year 2Hollie BGreat effort in handwriting
Year 3Agatha MModelling maths, leading French songs 
Year 4Olly BA beautifully crafted piece of art
Year 5Lexie HAn excellent attitude to learning
Year 6Freddie LWonderful writing


 22nd November 2021 
Year 1Mason AHuge improvement in reading confidently
Year 2Ollie WFor caring for others
Year 3Eddie MStriving for excellence, caring for all
Year 4Charlotte TFantastic learning behaviour
Year 5Asa NPositive attitude to learning
Year 6Dexter WTrying hard to concentrate in class


 15th November 2021 
Year 1Millie BBeautifully formed handwriting
Year 2Minnie WWorking really hard at handwriting
Year 3Devon MFantastic newspaper report
Year 4Oskar SPositive attitude for learning
Year 5Archer TExcellent learning behaviour
Year 6Max KBrilliant effort at swimming


 8th November 2021 
Year 1 Finn GWorking hard to concentrate on tasks
Year 2Ava CExcellent participation in lessons
Year 3 Ethyn TGood listening in guided reading & confidently sharing his answers
Year 4Atticus ADeep understanding of equivalence when subtracting
Year 5Isaac PSuper attitude to learning
Year 6Euler MFor really challenging herself in her maths
 18th October 2021 
Year 1George GGreat reading & writing 
Year 2Tia LSuper acting - freeze frames 
Year 3Libby MAmazing writing
Year 4Nathan BGreat science understanding of switches
Year 5Sienna McSuper science work
Year 6Riley R Slowing down in Maths and thinking about his answers


 11th October 2021 
Year 1Evelyn SApplying geography skills independently - local map
Year 2Oliver AHelping others in English
Year 3James LStriving for excellence in Maths
Year 4Dexter GConsistently positive attitude to learning
Year 5Heidi BExcellent attitude to learning
Year 6Freddie LWriting an amazing WW1 poem


 4th October 2021 
Year 1Lacey R100% effort & helping others
Year 2Ella SBeautiful behaviour
Year 3Beatrix SExcellent ideas & application in writing
Year 4Damien ASuper progress in reading
Year 5Rudie N KBeautiful presentation & handwriting
Year 6Ava NEditing & fixing her writing


 27th September 2021 
Year 1Oliwia MReading in phonics, positive attitude
Year 2Zachary CGreat listening
Year 3Nevaeh NExcellent gym work & positive learning behaviour
Year 4Henry PShowing perseverance & effort in improving handwriting
Year 5Bailie PSuper vocab in his writing
Year 6Ava BThinking hard in Maths


 20th September 2021 
Year 1Willow FBeautiful handwriting & reflections
Year 2Phoebe HTrying really hard in Maths
Year 3Leah WBeing a great friend & caring member of the class community
Year 4Roseanne SSuper vocab work
Year 5Millie CPositive attitude to learning
Year 6Ruby HFantastic maths work


13th September 2021 
Year 1Thomas GGreat work on handwriting
Year 2Bobby HSuper Maths work
Year 3Poppy FExcellent role model, always ready to learn
Year 4Oskar SDetailed descriptions of a setting in English
Year 5Ethan RExcellent Maths
Year 6Charlie MSuper Scientist


6th September 2021

Year 6Thomas TFor a great start to year 6
Year 5Sienna McFor a excellent start to year 5
Year 4Olly BFor fantastic learning behaviour

Year 3

Amber BAmazing start to year 3 & setting a great example
Year 2Rian MFantastic Maths
Year 1   Leo PA great start, lovely creative work