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Stars of the Week


Congratulations to the following children who have earned a Headteacher's Award:


Year 6Finn LFor working hard using conversion graphs in maths
Year 5Ava BFor persevering with tricky maths
Year 4Asa NFor great resilience with times tables

Year 3

Robin KFor working super hard with his reading
Year 2Lilly FFor a super start to Millbrook
Year 1   Darcie CFor fluency and expression in reading

17th May 2021

Year 6Josh NFor supporting his peers in computing - spreadsheets
Year 5Aleyna WFor being kind and helping others
Year 4Sienna McFor positive attitudes and excellent learning behaviour

Year 3

Faith McFor resilience and improved confidence
Year 2Agatha MFor working hard with her writing
Year 1   Aiden MFor amazing place value work


10th May 2021

Year 6Evie WFor being really confident and speaking clearly when presenting to the class
Year 5Isabella SFor fantastic English work - self editing and improving
Year 4Sienna MFor amazing attitude to learning and working hard

Year 3

Dexter GFor improved writing
Year 2Beatrix SFor super independent maths
Year 1   Kalel TFor beautiful reading


26th April 2021

Year 6Chase RFor working hard in maths
Year 5George MFor fantastic reading
Year 4Lizzie LFor amazing reading and improved learning behaviour

Year 3

Abigail RFor great progress in presentation and handwriting
Year 2Libby McBFor helping others
Year 1   TillyFor trying hard in everything.

29th March 2021

Year 6 Ruby C For working hard in class and excellent contribution to class discussion
Year 5 Ruby H For excellent engagement with remote learning
Year 4 Bethan R For excellent attitude to learning and lovely handwriting

Year 3

Robin K For working hard with his maths
Year 2 Ollie W For independently practising his handwriting
Year 1    Devon M For fantastic reading at home


22nd March 2021

Year 6 Marcelina R For working hard and contributing sensibly to all discussions
Year 5 Maddison B For persevering with fractions
Year 4 Bailie P For being a good friend - positive and cheerful

Year 3

Logan B For improved learning behaviour
Year 2 Coby B For fab reading
Year 1    Rhian M For super speedy maths
Year 1 Amber B For amazing, independent writing

14th December 2020

Year 6 Yacoub A For trying his best with writing
Year 5 Aleyna W For a fantastic cello performance
Year 4 Sienna Ma, Sienna M, Harry, Archer,
Bailie, Alfie & Isobel
For getting all times tables badges

Year 3

Oskar For home learning - times tables & reading
Year 2 Isaac K For wonderful reading
Year 1    Connor D For amazing progress in maths


7th December 2020

Year 6 Austin T For having a really positive week
Year 5 Ava N For fantastic art handwriting skills
Year 4 Lyla R For showing resilience with times tables

Year 3

Archie C For being an independent worker
Year 2 Josh S For excellent learning behaviour
Year 1    Imogen D For being an independent worker


30th November 2020

Year 4 Isobel J For excellent learning behaviour and amazing work

Year 3

Ebonie M For being enthusiastic and always trying her best
Year 2 Tia M For impressing her teachers in all areas
Year 1    Jude M For excellent improvement in reading


23rd November 2020

Year 6 Lucas R  For a super evacuee letter
Year 4 Freddie H For demonstrating great enthusiasm towards learning

Year 3

Evie McH For super progress with reading
Year 2 Noah S For excellent reading
Year 1    Marnie W For a brilliant recount of the space crash


16th November 2020

Year 6 Josh N For a positive attitude & fantastic test results
Year 5 George M For fantastic effort and improvement with his reading
Year 4 Elliott K For improved learning behaviour

Year 3

Owen T For much improved learning behaviour
Year 2 Beatrix S For amazing reading strategies
Year 1    Elizabeth H For enthusiasm in Power Maths sessions


9th November 2020

Year 6 Aron B For working really hard in English & maths
Year 5 Aleyna W For fantastic vocab work
Year 4 Millie C For amazing dance in PE

Year 3

Theo For making a big effort to follow the rules
Year 2 Devon M For super strategies in guided reading
Year 1    Phoebe H For working hard in phonics

19th October 2020

Year 6 Jack B For fantastic WWI writing - great vocab
Year 5 Ava N For improved learning behaviour - working led
Year 4 Heidi B For wonderful writing - adventurous choice of simile and metaphor

Year 3

Cameron S For always trying his hardest - great enthusiasm for learning
Year 2 Bruce N For lovely reading in guided reading
Year 1    Ella Rose S For showing more confidence in her reading and writing


12th October 2020

Year 6 Henry L For fantastic maths work all the time
Year 5 Maddison B For helping others and always working hard
Year 4 Carly Sue For confidence in musical performance - Musician of the Week!

Year 3

Isabelle G For super place value knowledge
Year 2 Libby M For excellent learning behaviour
Year 1    Tia L For independent working in the challenge areas


5th October 2020

Year 6 Marcelina For facing her fears in swimming
Year 5 Riley R For improved presentation and handwriting
Year 4 Lexie H For using great strategy for solving her maths problems

Year 3

Charlotte T For amazing homework about the Stone Age
Year 2 Laura B For excellent behaviour and tryng hard
Year 1    Ava C For great maths work using greater and less than


28th September 2020

Year 6 Lexi R For hard work and a big improvement in arithmetic & grammer
Year 5 Sharna N For persevering with her maths work
Year 4 Liszzy L For doing lots of brilliant practice with her reading

Year 3

Nathan B For super effort in maths
Year 2 Oliver H For trying so hard with his writing
Year 1    Zachary C For his enthusiasm for learning


21st September 2020

Year 6 Lily F For working really hard, especially in maths
Year 5 Amy W For an excellent poem about the environment for homework
Year 4 Ruby A For being an excellent role model, ready to learn

Year 3

Jack G For listening to and following instructions carefully
Year 2 Amber B For being a model student, excellent effort
Year 1    Ella May For modelling good counting skills


14th September 2020

Year 6 Evie W For excellent effort and contribution
Year 5 Phoebe J For working hard and making a fantastic start to Year 5
Year 4 Emily S For great comprehension

Year 3

Faith For a fantastic and consistent attitude to learning
Year 2
Noah For excellent behaviour
Grace M For phenomenal reading
Year 1    Grace Mc For settling in well
Caspian For settling in well