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Stars of the Week


Congratulations to the following children who have earned a Headteacher's Award:

 20th March 2023 
Year 1Robyn FGreat art inspired by Kandinsky
Year 2Thomas GBeautiful behaviour - striving for excellence
Year 3Marnie WWorking hard with a positive attitude
Year 4Grace MImpeccable attitude to learning
Year 5Nathan BExcellent effort during dance rehearsals 
Year 6Rudie N K Persevering in maths


 13th March 2023 
Year 1Elise HAlways striving for excellence in her work
Year 2Willow FBeautiful reading
Year 3Charlie TPartner work & good class contributions
Year 4Devon MAlways best effort in his work
Year 5Amelia GExcellent work on persuasive letter
Year 6Ruby APersevering in maths


 6th March 2023 
Year 1William GRecall of facts & information
Year 2Oliver DAmazing learning behaviour
Year 3Imogen DDemonstrating the Millbrook Way - caring for all
Year 4Felix BFantastic understanding of the Speech Sandwich
Year 5Abigail RStriving for excellence in all areas
Year 6Asa NBest score so far in arithmetic


 13th Feb 2023 
Year 1Cody SStriving for excellence all term
Year 2Archie FBeautiful reading
Year 3Hollie BImproved attitude & confidence in learning
Year 4Avi JFantastic verb places
Year 5Charlotte TStriving for excellence in everything
Year 6Alfie LWorking extremely hard


 6th Feb 2023 
Year 1Carter CGood learning
Year 2Joel CMaths
Year 3Ralf GMagic boy poem
Year 4Amber BConsistently good learning behaviour
Year 5Atticus AGood learning behaviour
Year 6Sienna Mc 


 23rd January 2023 
Year 1Amelia HShowing commitment to the targets she has set herself
Year 2Willow FBeautiful behaviour
Year 3Rian MStriving for excellence
Year 4Ethyn TPerseverance in assessment week
Year 5Amelia GPositive attitude to learning
Year 6Bella WFor really working hard in all areas


 16th January 2023 
Year 1William GAmazing work with teen numbers
Year 2Oliver DAlways trying his best
Year 3Jude MWorking hard on times tables
Year 4Lilly FAlways working hard
Year 5Henry PReceptive to feedback and puts it into action
Year 6Wiktor MWorking extremely hard in maths


 9th January 2023 
Year 1Cody SStriving for excellence with his behaviour
Year 2Dollie-rose Strying super hard with handwriting
Year 3Lucas LPersevering in extended writing and improved presentation
Year 4Noah SPersuasive writing work
Year 5Owen TExcellent attitude to learning
Year 6Mia RFor persevering in maths - subtracting and adding fractions
 5th Dec 2022 
Year 1 Joshanne MWorking hard to follow instruction
Year 2Bella WTrying so hard in phonics
Year 3Lucas LHuge improvement in learning behaviour & motivation especially in reading
Year 4  
Year 5Charlotte TExcellent effort across all subjects
Year 6Blake RWorking incredibly hard


 28th November 2022 
Year 1Grace TReading with beautiful expression
Year 2Evelyn SBeautiful behaviour
Year 3Ella SShowing respect The Millbrook Way - great role model
Year 4Avi JBeautiful descriptive work around The Arrival by Shaun Tan
Year 5Robin KHard work in all subjects
Year 6Carly-Sue WGWorking incredibly hard in Maths


 14th November 2022 
Year 1Luca HGood listening and remembering 
Year 2Joel CIncredible Maths work
Year 3Ellie QPersevering with Maths work
Year 4Taylor WGrowth mindset in Maths
Year 5Oskar SExcellent attitude towards learning
Year 6Isaac PImproved attitude to learning


 7th November 2022 
Year 1Michael HRapid recall of number bands to 10
Year 2Piper QSuper Maths work
Year 3Ralf GExcellent discussion work on online safety
Year 4Devon MFantastic knowledge of sustainability at home
Year 5Isabelle GPositive attitude to learning
Year 6Emily SPersevering & being so helpful to others


 17th October 2022 
Year 1William GStriving for excellence in Maths
Year 2Leo TSuper maths work
Year 3Charlie TStriving for excellence developing reasoning skills & sentence stems
Year 4Isaac KGood listening & concentration
Year 5 Oskar SFantastic art work
Year 6Bailie PFantastic ideas in writing


 10th October 2022 
Year 1Luca HAlways trying his best
Year 2George GAlways working hard
Year 3Arlo SDeveloping confidence & working hard in everything he does
Year 4Laura BGrowth mindset
Year 5Abigail RStriving for excellence in all she does
Year 6Emily SFantastic ideas in her writing


 03rd October 2022 
Year 1 Tom MAlways behaving well and staying on the Millbrook way
Year 2Oliver McFor challenging himself with his writing
Year 3Zachary CStriving for excellence in every lesson - enthusiasm for learning
Year 4Josh SA growth mindset
Year 5Phoebie RStriving for excellence in every lesson
Year 6Blake RWorking incredibly hard


 26th September 2022 
Year 1Alfie BAlways trying his best
Year 2Thomas GStriving for excellence with his writing
Year 3Caspian HSettling in well with routines
Year 4Ethyn TSuper poetry writing
Year 5Max LStriving for excellence all the time
Year 6George MStriving for excellence in swimming


 12th Sept 2022 
Year 1Cleonie HSuper sounding out in English.
Year 2Charlotte SBeautiful behaviour.
Year 3Minnie WAmazing Maths work in numbers & place value.
Year 4Noah SThorough job of locating countries of the Roman Empire.
Year 5Roseanna SAbsolute superstar first week back.
Year 6Freddie HStriving for excellence all week.


 4th July 2022 
Year 1Evelyn SFor her love of writing and applying her learning at home.
Year 2Arlo SSuper secret garden story.
Year 3James Lexcellent comparisons about the main character in guided reading.
Year 4Henry PGreat progress with ZAP spellings.
Year 5Archer TImpressive confident work in English.


 27th June 2022 
Year 1Georgia RAmazing art! the style of Picasso
Year 2Elizabeth HExcellent effort with handwriting
Year 3Bruce NA big improvement in learning & attitude
Year 4Erin GA good understanding of solid & liquid
Year 5Millie CExcellent discussion work in science
Year 6Dexter WGood geography skills - natural parks


Year 1Thomas GCommitment to learning
Year 2Ella-May HVery helpful & kind
Year 3Lucas BImprovement in behaviour & reading
Year 4Ruby SFor fantastic understanding in science
Year 5Sienna MExcellent work during art and bush craft day
Year 6Aleyna WExcellent geography skills, locating national parks