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Safety Squad

Millbrook Safety Squad 

We have a safety working party at Millbrook. The children meet up to discuss how to make our school a safer place for all. We did an assembly in the hall about the safety features at Millbrook. We are here to discuss any worries the children have. 


This year our Motto is: Striving for safety, helping all. 

The safety squad are here to help just look out for us on posters around the school. You will also find us around school keeping everyone safe, just look out for the bright yellow jacket. 

Year 4 have made a whole school safety sign. This is on the school playground if the children have a safety issue they can stand at this sign and the safety squad will come and help them. 

The safety squad created this child friendly anti bullying poster. We shared the poster in a school assembly and put them up around the school. 

This year we helped with the school fire alarm to ensure all pupils moved quickly and safely out of school. 

Safety squad do a classroom HSE health and safety check in all classrooms. 

Internet Legends Online Assembly

Smoke free gates award 

We took photo's around school of how our school is a safe place.