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Handwriting of the Week

Well done to the following who have produced some fantastic handwriting!
 23rd January 2023
Year 1Bellamy H
Year 2Bella W
Year 3Ellie Q
Year 4Felix B
Year 5Max L
Year 6Archer T


 16th January 2023
Year 1Mia H
Year 2Oliwia M
Year 3Oliver A
Year 4Tia M
Year 5Amelia G
Year 6Isaac P


 9th January 2023
Year 1Harry C
Year 2Lacey R
Year 3Ava C
Year 4Lilly F
Year 5Isaac L
Year 6Isobel J


 5th December 2022
Year 1Preyah-lou R
Year 2Archie F
Year 3Arlo S
Year 5Eliza S
Year 6Elliott K


 28th November 2022
Year 1Bonnie H
Year 2 Oliver Mc
Year 3Grace M
Year 4Noah S
Year 5Olly B
Year 6Isaac P


 14th November 2022
Year 1Remaya G
Year 2Lacey R
Year 3Aidan M
Year 4Ethyn-James T
Year 5Roseanna S
Year 6Millie C


 7th November 2022
Year 1Robyn F
Year 2Evelyn S
Year 3Bobby H
Year 4Poppy F
Year 5Isaac L
Year 6Sienna Mi


 17th October 2022
Year 1Grace T
Year 2Joel C
Year 3Darcie C
Year 4 James L
Year 5Eliza S
Year 6Bethan R


 10th October 2022
Year 1Arthur E
Year 2 Noah W
Year 3Imogen D
Year 4Devon M
Year 5Cameron S
Year 6Lyla Robinson


 03rd October 2022
Year 1Alfie B
Year 2Oliver D
Year 3Leo T
Year 4Amber B
Year 5Jack G
Year 6Emily S


 26th September 2022
Year 1Louis B
Year 2Archer H
Year 3Rian M
Year 4Wade R
Year 5Charlotte T
Year 6Heidi B