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School Parliament

Welcome to Millbrook School Parliament!

This year a fresh new group has been elected. These children are enthusiastic to express and represent the views and opinions of all pupils and to improve their school. They meet half termly with our School Parliament leaders to discuss their hopes and dreams for Millbrook Primary School and their future plans, including fundraising. Members of the School Parliament will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed. The School Parliament also work closely with the PTA and present their ideas to the school governors. 

Millbrook School Parliament: "building together for a cleaner, brighter future".


Our School Parliament

Voted by the children to be the voice of all Millbrook.


Eco Day - P4C


On Friday 20th September 2023, the school parliament organised an Eco day with a focus of P4C. Each class did a P4C session exploring environmental issues today.

MacMillan Coffee Morning


On Friday 29th September, the PTA and School Parliament organised a coffee morning with parents, and a bake sale at break time. We raised £210!