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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement


At Millbrook Primary School we believe deeply in the importance of helping our pupils develop as a whole person – happy and ready to take the next steps into their education and lives beyond Primary School.


To achieve this we teach the curriculum in a dynamic and fun way that means every child can unlock vital skills that will drive their creativity. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to create, compose, perform, visit, experience, participate, know, understand and review as part of a cultural and creative curriculum.


All children are encouraged to work together to solve problems, to think critically so they understand different points of view and are expected to care about their learning.


We use Philosophy, Forest Schools and the Arts to enrich the curriculum – teaching positive risk taking and creativity that helps pupils progress in all their subjects and on a personal level.


Our daily Assessment for Learning and timely feedback means that teachers and pupils always know exactly how much progress they are making and where they may need more help.


Our curriculum is holistic, utilising the child’s head, heart and hands, and is rich with thematic learning – we provide many theme days, educational visits and visitors that really bring our subjects to life.


As far as possible, we provide an experiential curriculum, enabling our pupils to be fully engaged with what they are learning. Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Develop strong characters in order to be resilient and cope with adversity.
  • Develop creative individuals who collaborate and co-operate and can solve problems seeing failure as an opportunity to learn.
  • Develop pupils who can think critically and care about their learning so they always do their best.
  • Develop pupils who care about their role as part of a family, community and the wider world; encouraging them to feel part of, and to contribute positively to fundamental British values.
  • Ensure all pupils have high aspirations.
  • Develop a thirst for learning for all pupils


The primary purpose of our curriculum is to guarantee a successful learning experience for every child. With this in mind, we make the following learning pledges to ensure that every child is developed to their full potential:

  • Every child will be educated at least to the minimum standard set by the Department for Education.
  • Every child, in every lesson, will be provided with opportunities to: be engaged in, challenged in and process their learning.
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities to increase their self-esteem, motivation and aspirations.
  • Every child will be encouraged to be enterprising and entrepreneurial in order that they may succeed in an ever-changing job market.
  • Every child will be provided with opportunities to experience the wider world as a core part of their curriculum.
  • Every child will be taught about budgeting and financial management in order that they may succeed in an increasingly unpredictable financial world.