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Design and Technology

D&T Curriculum vision and aims. 

Design and Technology is a practical subject where children are given the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Design and technology prepares children to engage in tomorrow's rapidly changing technologies. The subject encourages children to become creative problem solvers and thinkers, develops their practical skills with attention to aesthetics, social and environmental issues and develops their awareness of functions of objects and modern industrial practices. It presents children with the opportunities to design, make and evaluate their designs whilst using their technical knowledge and understanding to explore their ideas further. It helps them to become discerning and informed consumers of products and innovations.


The Aims of School D&T


To enable the children to:


  • Think imaginatively and talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making
  • Build on early childhood experiences of investigating objects around them
  • Explore how familiar things work and talk about, draw and model their ideas
  • Learn how to design an make safely
  • Use ICT as part of their designing and making
  • Work on their own and as part of a team
  • Think about what products are used for and the needs of people around them.
  • Plan what has to be done and identify what works well and what could be improved in their own and other people's designs
  • Draw on knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum and use computers in a range of ways.


Coordinator: Mrs May and Mrs Ashton


D & T Long Term Plan

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